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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: First Place (Daniel Anthony, Opinion Category); Fifth Place (Brendan Jubulis, Sports)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
Student Keystone Press Awards Honorable Mention (Website)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Seniors reflect on school memories before graduation


Before graduating, the senior staff writers for The Rambler reflected on some of the memories from their time spent at Cathedral Prep.
“My favorite Prep memory was freshman year when Prep football went to the Pennsylvania State Championship in Hershey and won. I remember chasing after the bus and running past the Frontier neighborhood chasing it before I got tired out. I also remember the excitement of winning the game and when the entire school broke through a steel railing cemented into the ground trying to get onto the field. It was a good time.” -Dan Anthony
“My most favorite memory of my career at Prep is in English Class of sophomore year. We were assigned to do an iMovie project, and my group poorly chose the location of our video. After we decided on the plot of the story, we went ahead to enact it. In clumsy manner, Joe Hickin ran into Joe Spiegel. That caused him to barely hit the glass on the trophy hallway, yet it was enough contact to knock it down and break it. The expression of everyone’s face was the most memorable thing, which is why it has stuck with me until my last days at Prep.” -Dan Basheer
“Although this might be a somewhat overlooked or underappreciated moment now that the Class of 2016’s time at Prep is coming to an end, one of my favorite memories in my last four years at Prep was attending the party at Presque Isle for incoming Prep and Villa freshmen. It is not that I necessarily had the time of my life at that party. What was so monumental about the moment, however, was the fact that that party was the very first opportunity I had to meet many of the young men that I now consider to be my brothers. At the time of the party, I was an excited, although admittedly apprehensive/nervous 14-year-old. Now, four inexplicably amazing years later, I know some of these men practically as well as I know myself, and even if the relationships I have made don’t persist into my adult years, the absolute abundance of memories I have made will surely live on, motivating and impacting the decisions I will make for the rest of my life. I will eternally be gratfeul for that party. If it weren’t for an early introduction to the awesome peers I have had over the past four years, I wouldn’t have been as excited as I was to attend such a great school, nor would I be as thankful as I currently am for the entirety of my time at Prep.” -Tim Evans

“My favorite memory from my time at Prep has to be the senior banquet and the subsequent events occurring afterwards. It was the first time I felt like I actually had brotherhood with the rest of my senior class. The dinner was pretty good, too.” -Joe Hickin

“My two favorite school memories are from my senior year of football. The first was against McDowell, as a thrilling late minute drive set up the game-winning field goal. I was on the field for the field goal, and the resulting jubilation from defeating our rival like that is something I will never forget. The next was in the State Semifinal game against Bishop McDevitt. Many people thought we were outmatched, and at times the score depicted as much. However, we made a spirited comeback, won, and earned a trip to the State Championship game in Hershey. The storming of the field, the Hershey’s Kisses flying around, and embracing my teammates and classmates from the stands was probably the most fun I’ve ever had.” -Brendan Jubulis

“My favorite school memories lie in all of the sports teams’ sendoffs in my past four years. As a freshman, not knowing what to expect, we ended up blocks away from Prep. This year, as a senior, the hockey and football sendoffs will always remain in my mind. For the football sendoff I will always remember the day I spent biking around Erie with many others. The hockey team sendoff also provided many interesting events that perhaps the whole city of Erie will remember. Prep has made many lasting impacts on me which have helped shape me into the man I am today and the man I will become in the coming years.” -Josh Kurczewski
“My favorite Prep memory came during my freshman year. It’s a year and memory that I will never forget. It was all because of the great work on the football field and the road to the state championship. It added to the enjoyment when the Ramblers came out and won their final game. It’s something that has been engraved in my mind and I will remember forever.” -David Rahner
“I remember my mom telling me freshman year to get involved in more school activities and start looking into more clubs to join. I saw Journalism as a chance to do something I might enjoy and also earn some credentials. When I went into Mr. Hubert’s room to ask to write an article I was overwhelmed with the number of upperclassmen in journalism, but I still snuck through to talk to Mr. Hubert. When I asked him to write an article, he was baffled that an underclassman was interested in trying to write for the newspaper. Three years later and I’m graduating as the Senior Editor-in-Chief with the publication still growing.” -Joe Sala
“As I’ve spent a lot of time with the theater program throughout my years here, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a group of close friends which also participated in aiding with the more technical sides of theater. My favorite and best moments through Prep, I admit, was probably during these shows. We all managed to do our jobs to the best of our ability and have fun in the process. The stories we were told, the little shenanigans we were able to get away with during shows, it showed me what a brotherhood of people is supposed to be like. Perhaps my favorite memory, in specific, would be during the show West Side Story. As stage crew, we always needed to stay as quiet as we could be, though during this production, there was a loud fight scene where the actors were able to get very loud. We all started yelling stuff and making noises, earning looks from plenty of actors from the corners of their eyes, though we all felt very proud of ourselves afterwards.” -Conrad Weiser
“I have many wonderful memories from my time at Prep. Winning D10 in lacrosse during my junior and senior years, faith talks in Mr. Wahlmark’s class, talking about video games and basketball in Journalism. But honestly looking back my favorite memories aren’t specific. The times that I enjoyed most were the ones with uncontrollable laughter. The class I was in didn’t matter, the people I was I with, I can’t remember them all. All that mattered were the discussions I remember that had everyone cracking up. Whether it was in school with classmates, on the field with teammates and coaches, or at events with faculty. Though they are the fuzziest of memories they are my favorites; they are the ones I’ll cherish. Roll Ramblers.” -Tanner Ziacik

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