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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Opinion: Is it time for a third party?


The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is less than a month away. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have both been heavily criticized as candidates. After reading “Is It Time for a Third Party?” from the Sept. 19 issue of Upfront magazine, the staff of The Rambler weighed in with their own opinions on the topic.
Brian Buseck, senior editor-in-chief

I believe it is in fact time for a third party to be in the White House for a few reasons. First off, it’s no secret that both major party nominees in this election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have high negative approval ratings. It seems most people voting for Clinton are doing so out of a hatred towards Trump, and not an inclination towards Clinton (and vise versa). The American people should not be forced to pick between “the lesser of two evils.” If a third party candidate seems more fit for the presidency than the Republican or Democratic nominee, then the American people should be able to cast their vote for that third party candidate and have a realistic hope that he or she will win the office.

Charles Deitrick III, senior staff writer

In America it is super hard to win if you are a third party candidate. The article states, “The American people shouldn’t be held hostage to a two party system…” Although I agree with that statement, it isn’t relevant. We aren’t held hostage to a two party system. Even if we had a third party candidate, they would not win. Although I do agree that this years election stinks, the third party obviously doesn’t make a difference.

Nick Frisina, senior managing editor

It is not time for a third party in the United States political system. There is no way this would possibly work. We see this a couple times in our history where a third candidate runs and splits the vote with another party. This would not be good for America because the party would always split the vote. Also, it is hard to really get in the middle between the two parties when it comes to the policies. Other candidates can join the race, but we do not need a major third party.

Ryan Misko, senior staff writer

I believe it’s time for a third party as some people do not want to “accept the lesser of two evils” like Dylan Blair said in the article. People may not want to vote for either the Republican nominee or the Democratic nominee because they do not agree with their viewpoints. Therefore, there should be a third party for people to side with to ensure that a majority of the population votes. This way there will be more options for voters to choose who they want their next president to be. However, the only way this will be successful is if the third party receives as much media attention as the other two parties. Overall, it would be beneficial to have a third party as people will have another option to vote for if they are not satisfied with the other candidates.

Mark Majewski, senior public relations manager

I believe that introducing a third party to the system of voting would be actually useless in its cause. The facts show that a third party or a split party has never won or even come close to winning an election. Just look at this year’s election or past elections. There has not been a president elected from a non-Democratic or Republican since 1850 with Millard Fillmore who was a member of the Whig party. While there have been some candidates from third parties, I believe that adding a third party would not have an effect and would not impact this election or elections to come.

Jaryn Simpson, senior staff writer

I feel as though we should have a third party or even a fourth party in the question. As it is stated “America’s two-party system makes it hard for third-party candidates to break through.” America should changed their system, especially for this year after having to go through Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s campaigns. They both have questionable theories and thoughts, so neither is a good choice in my opinion. In the debate last Monday, they were insulting each other and very unprofessional. I think it would be more fair and up to par if there were another running candidate that had an equal chance with the other two.

Trent Robison, junior staff writer

My response to this question is, “Yes! It is time for a third party.”  I think in this day in age so many citizens are too focused in on the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. I bet if some people were asked if they could list the parties, some would just give the Republican and Democratic parties because of how ruling they both are. Our country needs a third party, especially this year. This year, in my opinion, both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are out of their minds. The recent news of Trump not paying his taxes for more than 20 years puts a big dent in his campaign as well as his supporters. Most people don’t trust Hillary because of the events that occurred in Benghazi. Overall, I think that having a third party would benefit our country, providing it with another candidate option.

Brian Stark, senior staff writer

A think that a third party should always be welcomed in U.S. politics. I agree that people shouldn’t have to pick for the “lesser of two evils” because in this election a lot of people don’t support Trump or Clinton. This means millions of American are stuck in between the two major candidates. To me, a vote that is cast for the “lesser of two evils” is a wasted vote. Americans should always have the option to vote for a candidate they support and if anything infringes that, it should be dealt with.

Alec Thomas, junior staff writer

Yes, I do believe that it’s time for a third party to be introduced as a major contender in the Untied States election, especially this year with an all time low of satisfaction with the two main party candidates. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, has only a 40 percent satisfaction rate with the party. Hilary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has only a 43 percent percent satisfaction rate. We have seen in history that third party candidates can be better than the main nominees. In 1854 Abraham Lincoln represented the Republicans as a third party and abolished slavery and created a new party. Many of the third party candidates actually have clear plans and discuss many important issues facing the nation with ideas that can be helpful and not just completely one-sided to support one of the certain parties. They don’t receive the media attention to reach the population as the others do.

Alex Welz, junior editor

I don’t believe a third party is absolutely necessary. I think that the main issues at hand are with the candidates themselves rather than the party they are representing. Many questions surrounding both major campaigns pertain to the candidate’s background more so then they’re actual beliefs. I believe that more than a new party to emerge, a new major candidate needs to step up to give Americans another option. Trump has spoken very rashly throughout his campaign and has given many citizens second thoughts of supporting him. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has many questions surrounding her email and Benghazi scandals. I don’t think the problem is a new party needing to be more involved, but for a new candidate to step up to the plate and save America.

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