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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Samsung’s newest phone is “burning” up the competition

Samsungs newest phone is burning up the competition

iPhone 7, Unlocked Zte Axon 7, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 … which one is different from the others? Well, they are all new cell phones released this year, each with different and unique features. However, the biggest difference between these smartphones is that one has a good chance of blowing up when someone uses it (and not in a good way!) Yes, that’s right. All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have been recalled by the company because of a design flaw that makes these latest gadgets of technology fire hazards to the user. While Samsung has not given any specific reason as to why it happens, investigations have shown that the battery is the likely cause of these fires and explosions.
The Galaxy Note 7, released on Aug. 19, 2016, was predicted to be the best Samsung on the market by becoming a carbon copy of the previous Samsung phone, the S7, while adding new features such as a bigger screen and a touch-screen pen making it easier for the consumer to work and write. While initial sales for the phone soared, early reviews released information that the phone was susceptible to overheating, a likely warning sign of the fires and explosions that have occurred in the last few months.
According to many sources, the Note 7 is now dead. Samsung has stopped the sale of the phones, having recalled all of them until they can determine with certainty what caused this new device to suddenly go haywire. Samsung has instructed customers who purchased the phone to either return them immediately, throw them away, or even destroy them to minimize any potential risk. There is even a ban issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on the Note 7 so that they are not used or even taken on planes because they may cause havoc in the air.
While this is a serious issue, there have been many videos, vines, tweets, and pictures that have gone viral throughout the Internet making fun of it. Pictures of cars and houses blowing up, with the sayings such as, “This is what happens when you’re charging your Note 7,” have taken over the social media world. One particular video shows a customer in a convenient store buying a box of cereal when suddenly his pants are on fire and he has to stop, drop, and roll to extinguish it! While most of these videos and pictures have been removed by the heads of Samsung, people of course have not stopped talking nor making fun of this issue.
Samsung has officially stopped sales of the Note 7 and have even begun sales of their new Note 8, which the company reassures does not pose the problems that occurred with the previous model. It will be interesting to see if the problems that happened with the Note 7 are a one time deal or if it will be an ongoing issue in the future. The world will have to wait and see; maybe even keep a fire extinguisher close by just in case.

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