Should strict stipulations on students’ socks stay?


Roman A. Zegarelli

Cathedral Prep is well known for its strict dress code policies that keep students uniform and prevent bullying. The shoes, dress shirts, under shirts, pants, socks, belts, ties, and even socks of students need to be in line with the parameters set by the Cathedral Prep Handbook, or else punishments are given.
The only freedom of physical expression that Prep students have is their choice of underwear, but this of course is never seen. Thus, the question arises: should Prep students be allowed to express themselves with small articles of clothing, such as socks?
According to the Cathedral Prep Student Handbook, socks must be “traditional dress socks, crew or calf length, in black, navy, gray, or khaki. White socks are not permitted.” However, are such strict stipulations really necessary?
The Prep Handbook has strict rules on pants as well. This is relevant because the Prep Handbook says that dress pants need to be “of appropriate size.” We can assume that appropriate size pants cover up most or all of the socks of a student. Thus, are such strict rules on socks really necessary?
trumpsocksNon-uniform socks have a good amount of benefits for students actually. Socks come in all different colors, patterns, and designs. Students would be able to express some part of their outside lives within the school walls. For example, Prep senior Mike Ruff wore his Donald Trump socks to Gannon the day after the election.
Of course, dress socks prevent students from getting bullied for what they wear, but with a strict no bullying policy at Prep as well, the risks may outweigh the rewards. Students would be able to express who they are, even if it is something as minuscule as socks.