Antonio Brown streams locker room talk on Facebook Live, creates controversy


Nick Frisina

After the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday they celebrated, and so did the rest of the world. After the 18-16 victory, the Steelers gathered in the locker room for a celebration and a post game speech from head coach, Mike Tomlin. While Tomlin was talking, all-Pro wide receiver and media mogul, Antonio Brown began to broadcast the locker room happenings to millions via Facebook Live.
This video presents a different side to Tomlin, a side that many have never seen before. He used the kind of language that you would expect to be heard in a locker room full of grown men; however nothing quite like the locker rooms that Donald Trump has experienced. However, Tomlin had no idea that he was being recorded. Ironically he was quoted saying, “Keep a low profile” and “Let’s say very little” while the whole speech was being streamed to millions via Brown’s feed.
In a press conference, when asked about the video, Tomlin didn’t hide is feelings. He called Antonio Brown’s actions “selfish” and “foolish.” Later, Brown apologized over social media to his teammate, coaches and fans. Brown said, “I let my emotions and genuine excitement get the best of me.” He also shared that he wanted to share the feeling with fans.
The video has created quite the distraction for the organization that is preparing for the AFC championship game against the Patriots. Many Patriots players have voiced their opinion over the video creating some tension between the two teams. Tune in Sunday night to see if the video has any effect on the way the Steelers play.