New Year, New New Year’s Resolutions


Mark Majewski

Working out, becoming organized, treating people nicer, eating healthy. These sayings are heard around this time of the new year by many people who are trying change for the better. A few weeks or so into 2017, most people probably have given up and abandoned their New Year’s resolution, while some are still keeping their promise and are making their resolutions reality. Throughout the halls of Cathedral Prep, many students and faculty made some of their own resolutions they would like to accomplish in this new year, take a look and see what people are trying to change about themselves this new year and the progress each person has made in striving to achieve their resolutions.
Kyle Burger, senior
Resolution: Drink less pop and soda because of the sugar.
Progress: “I have given up on my resolution because pop tastes great, and I couldn’t take not drinking it.”
Ryan Misko, senior
Resolution: Treat people with more respect.
Progress: “It’s been going all right. I feel like I have respected people’s opinions and what they believe in more. Also, I think my listening skills have increased and became better because of my resolution.”
Adam Ebach, junior
Resolution: Treat everyone equally.
Progress: “It’s coming along really well. People I know have seen a change in my attitude, and it is overall making me feel happier as a whole.”
Trey Dietrick, senior
Resolution: Go work out at the YMCA everyday.
Progress: “I’ve been going four or five days a week, which is pretty solid for the start. Hopefully I keep up in my efforts.”
After talking to the students around the school, there was a realization that was made. The overall consensus of the Prep community is that most of the students do not really want to have a resolution or do not believe in a New Year’s resolution specifically. “I do not believe that a person should change just because there is a new year coming about,” said senior Jarod Wallen.
This is why there weren’t many responses from the students because there were plainly not many students who had a resolution. Hopefully as the year progress more and more students and people as a whole will start anew in this new year and make their own New Year’s resolution.