Students honored at third quarter sessions

Mark Majewski

The third and final quarter sessions for the year and final quarter sessions for the Class of 2017 was held Thursday, April 13, before the Cathedral Prep student body left for their long Easter Break. Rory Monahan was the master of ceremonies. Following the opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance, the honor cards were passed out to those students who earned first or second honors for the third quarter.
The freshmen earned 23 first honor cards and 45 second honor cards for a class average of 49.64 percent. The sophomores earned 18 first honor cards and 59 cards for second for the highest class average at this quarter sessions with 55.4 percent. The juniors earned 10 first honor cards and 64 second honor cards for a total of 54.01 percent. Finally, the seniors in their last quarter sessions earned 5 first honors and 44 second honors for a grand total of 41.53 percent.
In addition to the honor cards the newly implemented Man of Prep award was given out to one student of each class who demonstrate what it means to be a true man of vision in spirit, mind and body. The third quarter winners were Jack Kloecker, Justin Hall, Ben Feldman, and David Roach.
The guest speaker at the third quarter sessions was the Honorable Ernest DiSantis, class of 1976. He talked about the impact Cathedral Prep had on him and his family and even had sons who attended Prep. He also urged the students to make difference in the community of Erie or wherever the students go to in the future. Judge DiSantis emphasized that to be a true man of Prep students and alumni to make a difference in the world not just for themselves but for others as well. After thanking Judge DiSantis for his words, Father Jabo told the students to enjoy their break and led us in the school song. After the song, the student body took a picture and Easter Break 2017 began for the students of Cathedral Prep.