Prep community remembers the life of Coach Bomba


Keegan Welka

After Jeff Bomba’s sudden and severely premature death on Jan. 13, the whole Cathedral Prep community holds his remembrance in their hearts. Bomba, a former player and assistant coach for the Rambler football team, was a tough, stern, and deep down loving human being. His death came as a shock to many, including junior Prep lineman Andy Samuels.
“As a player, Coach Bomba taught me so much about how to better my technique and footwork. Every step in every play was very crucial to him and his perfectionism couldn’t be ignored.” Andy continued, “And as for life lessons, Coach Bomba’s determination, grit, passion, and work ethic were all things that I will hold on to for a very, very long time.”
On Friday, Coach Bomba’s funeral was held at Saint Patrick’s Church. Starting at 10 a.m. people were asked to show their support for the Bomba family and their friends while they experienced terrible grief. Besides the football players, other students were invited to the service. One of the students that chose to join the team at the funeral was junior Luke Bongiorno.
“He had a big impact not just on the football team, but also on a lot of people in the Prep community,” Luke continued, “I never met him personally, but I can just tell that he was an amazing person through the way people responded to his passing.”
The funeral service included three phenomenal speeches. Coach Mischler recalled times when he would prank and joke with Coach Bomba. When Jim Bomba, Jeff’s father, told the story of when his son nearly quit football during childhood, the attendants were moved to tears. After the final rites were said by the priest and the coffin was solemnly taken out of the church, everyone kept silent and attempted to hold back their sobs. The attending players and students were then dismissed to go back to class once the coffin was driven away.
One thing everyone can take away from this tragedy is the value of life. Coach Bomba died at the very young age of 36 years old in front of his two parents last Saturday. What they witnessed happen to their son is something no parent should ever have to endure. Hopefully after this loss, people will begin or will continue cherishing the moments shared with friends and family. Because at any moment, those that you love could be taken from you in the blink of an eye.