Cleveland Indians set to get rid of longtime logo “Chief Wahoo”


Ryan Rzepecki

The Cleveland Indians have decided to get rid of their “Chief Wahoo” logo starting at the beginning of the 2019 season. The logo has been viewed as offensive towards the Native American community. Chief Wahoo has been a part of the Indians organization since 1948. The Native American community has been working hard to eliminate logos like this one with a lot of major sports teams. It’s not easy for a team or a fan base to just give up a logo that has represented their team for so long. Some fans believe it is okay and it was time for a change. Others are sad to see the logo they’ve loved for so long go.
Local Indians fan and Prep junior Luke Kubiak was shaken up over the matter. He stated, “It’s disappointing to see something that’s been a part of their history for so long go, but I understand why they decided to get rid of it.”
The trademark of Chief Wahoo will still belong to the Indians organization. It has been said that the Indians will continue the sale of merchandise containing Chief Wahoo even after the 2019 season.
The end of Chief Wahoo did not come out of nowhere. This has been an issue that’s has been around for awhile, and the Indians finally decided it was time for the logo to reach its end. Now that the Indians have gotten rid of their questionable logo, the Washington Redskins are being pressured into changing their name.
If the Indians were capable of giving up a big piece of their history people are going to expect the Redskins to be able to do the same.