Long Road Ahead: Truck Drivers Sue

Alec Thomas

On Thursday in Harrisburg, several truck driving groups filed lawsuits against both the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the state Department of Transportation. The lawsuit comes after a raise in tolls throughout the travel of the state for all types of transportation, both civilian and commercial.
The trucking industry, which has filed the lawsuits against the state, is essential to the nation’s economy. Each year 11 billion tons of cargo are shipped throughout our nation. This requires a large fleet of drivers, circulating throughout the nation’s highways every day. Trucks are responsible for delivering almost of all consumer products throughout the continental United States. Around 70 percent of the freight tonnage that is moved is done by trucks, and 80 percent of United States’ communities rely solely on the use of trucking to fill their stores, and stock their grocery markets.
“I believe that truck drivers almost always get a bad rap,” said senior Calvin Behm. “They are thought of as people who can’t do anything else, but in reality, they sacrifice a lot for their job.”
It’s not just truck drivers that will feel the pain in their pockets. The basis of the claim that was filed states that it clearly violates federal commerce laws and opposes the constitutional  right for citizens to travel freely. The increase was for both for drivers using E-ZPass and those who pay with cash. The six percent raise has been in effect since January of this year. Many others are concerned that the money collected from the increased tolls are not going to the correct funding institutions.