Netflix series puts infamous Erie case back in the spotlight


Ryan Rzepecki

The Erie pizza bombing case was one of the strangest things to ever happen in Erie, Pa.  On Aug. 28, 2003, Brian Wells robbed a bank with a bomb strapped to his neck and later died. Evil Genius, a new documentary is a Netflix original, and it was recently added to Netflix. The series has four episodes, and each episode is just a little under an hour long. The show was directed by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass.
The crazy thing about the whole “Pizza Bomber” case is that it wasn’t just Erie news. This case was known all across the country for how strange it was. Little old Erie Pennsylvania has never really gotten that much national attention until this happened.
This new show has been talked about a ton since it was released not only in Erie but all over the United States. In the four-part series the documentary gives a bunch of new interviews and information that have not been this widely exposed to the public. The episode went step-by-step to show how the events went down. It gave a really good understanding of who each person was and what their involvement in the crime was. If you lived in Erie at the time of when this all went down this show is a must watch. The story of the “Erie Pizza Bomber” has never been told in such a thrilling way. The documentary does a great job in getting tons of interviews and allowing its audience to be able to hear every person’s side of the story.