New podcast debuting soon: The Rambler Digest


The Rambler

“The Rambler Digest” is a brand new podcast coming to The podcast stars three seniors at Prep, Keegan Welka, Ryan Rzepecki, and Robbie Wierbinski. The main purpose of this show is to go around Erie reviewing various restaurant items. New episodes will be produced about every other week.
So how did The Rambler Digest come to be? Well, one day in class, the journalist team brainstormed new ideas for the website. During this activity, the three classmates together came up with the idea of creating a podcast. After short deliberation, it was decided that the show would be food-oriented.
Keegan, Ryan, and Rob are friends inside and outside of school, so planning dining occasions is never an issue. For the inaugural podcast, the three decided to visit Popeyes. In the future, these three look forward to choosing any restaurant they feel like eating at, while also being indiscriminate and honest in their reviews.
Wrapping everything up, The Rambler Digest is a brand new venture for journalism class. Collectively, the students involved are on a mission to make it legendary. Having The Rambler as an outlet for the podcast is a great way to get exposure, and the podcast provides a new source of entertainment for visitors of The Rambler to enjoy.