Staff Profile: Ryan Rzepecki


Robbie Wierbinski

Ryan Rzepecki is the senior editor-in-chief of The Rambler. As a senior at Cathedral Prep, he has many things going for himself. Ryan likes watching sports and catching up on his favorite football team, the Chicago Bears. He also is a big Chicago Cubs fan and enjoys watching the Chicago Blackhawks.
He recently started working at Tops, a chain grocery store that sells foods and such. He started midway thought the summer and has been working there ever since.
“Working there is a good way for me to make money,” he said. “I like the fact that I got out of the food industry because I used to work at Sara’s and I always came home sweaty and greasy.”
Ryan is a cashier and checks out as many customers as he can. From scanning meats to pies, he always has a new experience every shift.
Since Ryan has been working at Tops for a good amount of time, he knows the ins and outs of Tops. He mostly is a cashier when he works, but sometimes his manager puts him on returns. Returns usually consists of putting products back on the shelf and making sure everything is neat and organized.
One other job that Ryan does at Tops is carts. “It’s normally really fun, unless it’s cold,” he said. “But you know what they say about me; I’m a grinder. I push myself through the hard times.” Whether it’s as a cashier in the store or pushing carts outside, Ryan is always helping out at Tops.