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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Mark Jackson basketball card features murderers in background


Mark Jackson, a notable NBA player for 17 seasons, is also a former coach and current color commentator for the league. However, he recently made headlines for a strange reason. One day, as a fan of the player was looking to buy his card, he noticed something really weird. In the background of a Mark Jackson card, playing for the New York Knicks, there was a faded image of what appeared to be the Menendez Brothers.
The Menendez Brothers first had the focal point on them one day when a phone call came in to the 911 emergency dispatcher on August 20th, 1989. The phone call came from Lyle Menendez, with his brother Erik standing beside. Lyle began the phone call by saying, “Someone murdered my parents!” The brothers then went to the movie theater to account for their alibi. Police arrived at the house to find over a dozen shotgun wounds in the parents, which ended up decapitating the father and causing severe injuries to the mother.
The parents passed away before the police has arrived at the home in Beverly Hills, Calif. The spotlight from then on was in the Menendez family, while the two sons sat and watched it all unravel. Dealing with the guilt, the two brothers confessed to their involvement in the deaths of their parents while talking to their therapist. This event shocked the nation, as they became the new, and most talked about topic of the year.
Throughout the court case, it was a struggle to find the truth. The brothers demanded the murders were a cause of self-defense, as they had been dealing with abuse from their parents. The court ended up ruling them guilty, and they are spending their time in prison.
On the face of the Mark Jackson card is one of the most famous parricidal murderers in the history of the United States. As experts dated back to the time the picture on the card had been taken, they realized that this picture was taken in between the time they committed the murder to the time they got sentenced. It appears to be that the brothers attended a New York Knicks basketball game sometime after they committed the murders and were caught in a picture of a player which ended up on a card.
With the price of the card sitting at about $1, the cost of this card skyrocketed once the observation was made, and it is currently sitting at about $470. It will be intriguing to see how much this card will re-open the spotlight on the Menendez Murders, and how much the price of this card will continue to rise.

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