Prep, Villa students participate in Outreach Day 2019


David Estes

On Wednesday, May 3, Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy held their annual Outreach Day. Students and faculty from both schools spent the day out in the community helping those who are less fortunate. The foundation of both schools is the three pillars of spirit, mind and body, and Outreach Day is the perfect way to live out this mission. Service is very important at Prep and Villa, as it helps students to grow in their faith and open their eyes to issues in the community.

When asked about Outreach Day, Cathedral Prep sophomore, Evan Rowane exclaimed, “It is a great way to work together with your classmates to help make the community a better place.”

When questioned how Outreach Day is different than normal service hours, Villa Maria Senior, Gabby Galla proclaimed that it is, “a special experience to work with my Villa sisters to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

Each student at Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy is required to complete at least 100 hours of community service throughout their four years in order to graduate, but Outreach Day is special in its own way. Outreach Day allows students to work together to make the community a better place and lets the faculty and students disperse around Erie and make a difference. This year the faculty and students helped at least 20 different organizations, including soup kitchens, schools, museums, public parks, cemeteries, monasteries, and many different places.

The whole idea of Outreach Day is to put faith into action and do what we are taught in the Bible. This builds off of the Catholic mission to put others before ourselves and do good for the community. Students sacrifice their own time to put their talents to use and serve others.