Student Profile: John Colvin


The Rambler

You may have seen him around the halls. You also may have seen him in the hockey rink. Cathedral Prep senior John Colvin is well known around the Prep community. Leader of the rally crew as well as assistant captain on the hockey team, Colvin demonstrates leadership on an everyday basis.
“I have been playing hockey since I was a little kid,” said Colvin. Not only is he above average in the leadership category, he also exemplifies outstanding work ethic in the class room. Colvin has received honor cards every year since he has been a student at Cathedral Prep. When asked what his favorite class he has ever had at Prep was, Colvin went with his freshman year algebra class with Mr. Achille. This choice is widely popular throughout Prep as Mr. Achille is a living legend throughout the halls here.
In regards to going to college, John has said to anybody that would listen that Pennsylvania State photoUniversity is his university of choice. Hopefully myself, as well as fellow Prep senior Jonathan Fitzmaurice will be joining come August. He does consider himself a little bit of a music connoisseur as well. “I grew up listening to straight rock and roll due to my dad’s influence, but then as I grew older, I started to develop my own taste in music and I truly did start to like rap music,” Colvin said. When asked who his favorite music artist was, Colvin saidm “I would have to go with Huey Mack”.
After watching “David Blaine: Real or Magic”, John decided to pick up some magic and try to develop his talent as a magician. From first person experiences, I can concur that he is actually not half bad at the card tricks. You would be surprised because you would not expect it out of him.
Colvin is widely respected by not only the student body but also the administration as well. He is also a member of the Key Club organization which is just another added credential to his already impressive resumé. After interviewing him I can truly understand why people have nothing but good things to say about hi,  and I can truthfully say the pleasure was all mine during the whole interview process.