Prep-Villa theater close out the year with Newsies to rave reviews

Prep-Villa theater close out the year with Newsies to rave reviews

Ryan Rzepecki

Recently, the theater group at Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy put on their final show of the school year, one that they had been working on for some time. This was one of the more popular shows they’ve put on as they had over 100 members in the cast and crew. Disney’s Newsies is the name of the play that they performed.

Earlier in the year they performed Mama Mia, and it was a smashing hit; they pretty much sold out every night. Of course they were expecting much of the same with Newsies.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon is when the showtimes were. They performed one show each day. Anyone who saw the play knows it went very well. This was almost a 3-hour play, and they managed to still recite their lines perfectly for that long which is very hard to do.

Newsies was the fourth play that senior Alexander Ruler has participated in here at Cathedral Prep. He mentioned, “We had a very talented cast from the main newsies to the ensemble. Everyone played a part in the show, and it created one of the best shows in Prep-Villa history.” He also talked about people who are naïve about joining or giving the theater thing a chance. “It changed my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for joining. If you are considering joining just give it a shot because you may end of up liking it. If you don’t then that’s okay because you at least gave it a shot.”

The plays at Prep and Villa keep continuing to get more popular with every show. Joining the theater group is definitely something anyone should at least consider if you are a student here. Everyone needs to go out and see one whenever they have the chance.