Club Spotlight: Chess Club


DeMere Strickland

With Open House recently occurring last Sunday at Cathedral Prep, many of the clubs and extracurricular activities were shown off. One of the more low-key clubs is the chess club, which currently consists of about 10 members. Although the club is small, why it’s a great one to join for students who have any interest at all in chess. 

Chess is a very strategic game, which can lead to many people feeling like they have to be a master before they can even attempt to play against anyone with any semblance of skill. However, at chess club, anyone is willing to teach others how to play, help them out with strategies, or just generally play for fun. It’s very casual, and it’s meant to be more relaxing than mentally taxing.

“Chess club has been really fun and a good way to play against other people after learn new strategies after school,” said senior Dat Phan, a member of the club. 

For those not feeling up to the competition, they can always just chill in the library. Like stated previously, the club is very free-flow and chill, so if students want, they can just hang out and talk. It’s not a very strict club either, so everyone doesn’t have to play chess. It’s not a big time commitment either, as it is held every Thursday once a week. So, if you can’t make it to a meeting, then it’s no big deal. 

Hopefully that’s enough to entice some people who may be looking into attending Prep in the future, or maybe convince a student who already does to join. Chess club is a very casual and fun way to end Thursday afternoons at school.