Student Profile: Kuba Wasielewski


Jon Sapienza

Jakub “Kuba” Wasielewski, a senior at Cathedral Prep, is a multitalented man to say the least. Kuba enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, playing video games, and skiing. Kuba is a part of the ski club at Prep and spends a bit of time at Peek n’ Peak skiing with the boys.

Kuba started skiing at a very young age and took a liking to it. “I was 7 when I got my first skiing lesson and then took a three year break from it and got really into it when I was 10.” Aside from skiing at Peek n’ Peak with the ski club, Kuba also skis at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York.

Kuba can do a handful of impressive things on the slopes. He can do rail grinds, 360s off of jumps, and instruct other skiers on how to properly ski. “I did become a certified professional instructor at the age of 16, so that’s kind of cool,” Kuba said.

Most people could not even imagine being able to ski, but Kuba goes above and beyond with his tricks and instructing expertise. Skiing is something that is a very impressive talent and one that can definitely be found in this young man.

Aside from skiing, Kuba also spends a lot of time playing Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360, practicing his soccer skills, and being a good friend. There is not a bad word to be said about Kuba, and if professional skiing help is needed, he is the man to talk to!