CYO: OLP defeats BSS


DeMere Strickland

Our Lady of Peace won over Blessed Sacrament at the CYO game held last Thursday. This time, the Bulldogs weren’t so lucky, as they lost 32-43. Both teams really wanted the win, so it was an intense game throughout. Tensions were high, and this led to some vitriol not only from both teams but some of the parents and supporters of both teams as well. Both teams had faced each other before, so they knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which allowed them to play hard and smart as well. 

“Honestly, that wasn’t one of our best games, and I wish we had done much better,” said senior Jon Sapienza, a Bulldog team member. 

The game was even lower scoring than the previous time they played against one another, but it doesn’t mean that the players didn’t try their best. However, most of the players, especially on the Bulldogs were very frustrated at the referees for seemingly “unfair” calls. This frustration extended to some of the viewers, as some of the referees’ calls were met with boos and complaints. Nonetheless, this only served to raise tensions even more, which eventually led to physicality between players. Overall, it was certainly a game between bitter rivals. 

Players on both teams, including both Jon Sapienza and Ryan Jubulis (who are also members of The Rambler) played exceptionally well. Again, even though I don’t pay much attention to sports, I will admit that these games are an entertaining way to spend some time. If you can, I absolutely encourage you to make it out to a game if possible. There are only a few more left, so time is running out.

You can view the CYO calendar for February here.