Injuries affecting the landscape of CYO basketball

The Rambler

If you go to Prep you know about CYO. If you don’t, CYO is a basketball league for kids who are not that serious about playing, but still enjoy the game. The majority of parishes in the diocese of Erie have a team and you play for the corresponding school. This league is usually nothing but fun. However, this year there have been multiple injuries that have really hurt the quality of the league. It has also driven away players that fear they may be next in line on the injury list.
First there is Daniel “D” Bauman. D was the starting point guard for the St. Pete’s Dukes. As he came off of a screen on the top of the key he fired up a three. He landed awkwardly on his ankle and later found out he suffered a broken fibula. Shockingly, he was still able to hit the shot. After just one offensive possession his season was over. D is also a key contributor to Cathedral Prep’s swim team and having him out is a big loss. He is expected to be out for another three weeks.

Senior John Colvin is among those who have suffered an unfortunate injury playing CYO basketball this year.

John Colvin was next on the injury list. John had just hit a layup to put St. Pete’s up by one late in the 4th quarter. “After I hit the shot I wanted to hustle back and play some hard ‘D’ to prevent them from getting the lead,” said Colvin. The ball was then passed into the post and John went for the block from behind. The ball was out of his reach and he caught his shoulder awkwardly. Colvin ended up dislocating his. I asked John about what happened next, and he had this to say: “I held my arm in an awkward upright position and stood in the middle of the gym while everyone looked at me in disgust. I went to the hospital only to wait another hour to have them take X-rays and to numb me up. Around 11:30 they popped the shoulder back in.” John is also co-captain of the hockey team and his absence on the ice is noticed. He is expected to be back within the next week.
Another one on the list is Sam Riley. Sam is a key player for the St. George Lancers. Riley went up to take a jumper. He was hit by a defender mid-air and his left ankle twisted on the way. As he landed he heard a “pop” and his ankle ended up being sprained on both sides. Sam is also committed to play baseball for Indiana University of Pennsylvania or IUP. This injury is affecting his offseason grind to prepare for the upcoming season. He is expected to be out for two weeks, but it will end his CYO career.