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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: First Place (Daniel Anthony, Opinion Category); Fifth Place (Brendan Jubulis, Sports)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
Student Keystone Press Awards Honorable Mention (Website)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Staff Profile: Colin Bish


One of the most important positions in The Rambler is junior editor. The Junior Editor this year is Colin Bish, who will take on even more responsibilities in his senior year.

One thing Colin loves in his life is sports. Colin doesn’t just like one sport, he loves all kind of sports, but everyone has their favorites. Colin has favorite teams, favorite sports, and favorite players. Colin’s love of sports goes far into his life, so I have asked him some questions about his love of sports.

Colin’s favorite sport is football.

“I’ve played it for six years now,” he said. “Watching or playing the game itself is not only a lot of fun, but it has also taught me a lot of valuable life lessons. I’ve met some of best friends through football.

Colin’s favorite football team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys watching football the best out of any sports.

“It’s a game of nonstop action, where you don’t know what will happen on the next play. With my other two favorite sports, basketball and baseball, they are fun to watch in person but not so much on television. In football, whether it’s on the TV or in real life, the next play could be anything at all, and you would never see it coming.”

Colin really loves football and most people will not disagree with him. Many people enjoy participating in certain sports better than just watching on TV.

The sport Colin loves to play is basketball. Colin explains why he loves playing basketball more than he does football.

“Obviously, I play football for real, but my favorite sport to unwind, relax, and cool down is basketball,” he said. “Just being by myself and putting up shots in a quiet atmosphere is really calming to me. It puts me in a zone where I can focus on one thing and not have to worry about any other problems.”

Colin doesn’t only have favorite sports but also favorite teams and players. His favorite sports teams include the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Bruins, and Boston Red Sox. Colin’s favorite player from the Cleveland Browns is star defensive end Myles Garrett. Another one of Colin’s favorite players is LeBron James who used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. The third of Colin’s favorite players is Mookie Betts, a former player of the Boston Red Sox who is now with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Colin loves these players the most because of how exciting and different they are in each sport.

Some of Colin’s favorite teams of all-time include the 2004 Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Cavaliers of 2016. Colin explained his favoritism toward the 2004 Boston Red Sox and 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Although I was only 1 during the Sox’s run, rewatching documentaries about their historic 3-0 comeback against the Yankees gives me chills every time,” he said. “The same goes for the ‘16 Cavaliers, but this time I was old enough to actually witness and remember their remarkable comeback.”

Colin hasn’t yet been able to watch any of his favorite teams or favorite players in person, but he has been to other sporting and entertainment event.

“The only sporting events I’ve ever attended were many Otters games and a couple of BayHawks games,” he said. “I almost attended a Giants-Browns preseason game a few years back, but I ended up not going due to a scrimmage. I once went to a WWE house show at Erie Insurance Arena as well, but that was four years ago.”

The stories of how Colin became a fan of each team and each individual player are interesting.

“My favoritism towards the Browns, Bruins, and Red Sox actually all came from my dad, whose family were mostly Browns fans,” Colin said. “He made sure that he would have at least one of his kids on his team’s side. As for my mom’s side, her family are all Steelers fans, which is what my brother is.

For basketball, I started liking the Cavs because they were the closest team around, and my favorite player was LeBron. Although the 76ers are a Pennsylvania basketball team, they were really bad at the time, and I decided to stick it out with the Cavs before LeBron returned home when they had Kyrie Irving.”

The last question I asked Colin was how COVID has affected his love of sports and his favorite sports teams.

“Well, I would’ve loved to maybe have seen a Browns game in Cleveland at some point,” he said. “I’ve never actually been to any of one the four big sports league’s (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) games. I thought this year could’ve been a good opportunity, but due to COVID that dream got a lot smaller as the months progressed.

Colin loves his sports and so do many people in this world. The entertainment given to the fans is very enjoyable. Colin Bish is just in his junior year at Cathedral Prep and seems to have a very bright future wherever he ends up. Colin would love to have a career in the sports world and has a good chance of doing so. Colin is a great student at Cathedral Prep and loves his sports.

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