No Shave New Year replaces No Shave November

No Shave New Year replaces No Shave November

Jonathan Zambroski

This year, “No Shave Novembe” was put on pause for the start of the year. In years past it was always a fun time for students to buy a pass allowing them to grow out their beards for the month of Novmber. Students would compete for the best beard while all the money raised goes to benefit Shriner’s Hospital of Erie.

This year, Prep’s Student Council is taking a new approach because of the hybrid learning model. Now students are able to grow out their beards for an even longer period of time. The beard passes will last from Jan. 4 to March 29. The passes will be $20, and all the money goes to Shriner’s Hospital of Erie.

Students are able to purchase the passes in school during lunch. Fully remote learning students are also able to purchase passed by contacting Mr. Baltzer or Joseph Armanini, the Student Council President.

Students can purchase the passes up through the first week after the upcoming Christmas break.

“I do like this alternative approach especially in a year like this,” senior Cole Wisniewski said. “I like how it is still going to Shriners even though it isn’t taking place in November.”