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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

What are you looking forward to most in the next couple of months?


Spring is here. The fourth quarter of the school year begins Monday. Easter break begins Thursday. There is a lot happening, so this week we asked our staff what they are looking forward to and why they are excited.

Colin Bish

There’s a lot to look forward to in the couple months. Obviously, with spring rolling around, a lot of people look forward to the prospect of summer. I feel like the most important aspects of the coming months is the SAT test in May and looking into colleges. It’s going to be a busy summer for me, but the fun part is the mystery of what’s to come next and how I can respond to that situation.

Landon Kalie

Personally, I’m looking forward to summer and just getting off from school. I’m looking forward to the warm weather and being able to sleep in. I’m also looking forward to baseball season starting in a week and that going throughout summer and into the fall. The NBA has been getting better as the season has gone along, and the NFL draft is in a month. I’m also looking forward to graduation along with a lengthy spring break upcoming. 

Brian Lee

I am most excited about graduating in May. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been at Prep for four years and am finally about to be going to college, something I have been anticipating and preparing for since freshman year. I’ve always looked forward to my future, the independence, self-exploration, and exposure to new opportunities being the most attractive aspects. I’m looking forward to molding myself into the person I really want to be and develop the talents I really want to excel at. I can’t wait to take the reins on my life, meet new people, and live the life I want to live.  

Brody McIntire

Over the next couple months, I’m looking forward to everybody finally being back in school at the same time. I have multiple classmates that I haven’t seen since the pandemic caused the switch to remote learning, and it will be nice to finally see them. Another thing I’m obviously looking forward to is summer, but not because school will be over. Well, at least that’s not the only reason why I’m looking forward to summer. I think everybody needs a break from what we now call school. Teachers and students alike will not have to worry about joining online classes, and honestly, I hope we are the only ones who will have to experience this odd year. I’m looking forward to days on the beach when it’s nice and warm and masks are no longer a thing. Another thing I’m looking forward to is vacation in July when me and my whole family and extended family are going to the Outer Banks. Our group is so big that we had to get two houses right next to each other, and we’re doing a “kids” house and an “adults” house. However, when we say “kids” house, I’m the youngest person going on the trip, so it’s more so a younger house.  

Anthony Nunez

Something I’m happy for in the next few months is summer. School this year has been very stressful, especially due to COVID. The diminished overall motivation this year, coupled with my personally favorite events being harder to do in general, or cancelled all together, it makes everything less enjoyable. While fortunately my classes haven’t been the most difficult compared to other years, it’s enough that with COVID, it drains me a lot. Summer is my glimmer of hope to normalcy, just to hang out with friends and avoid so much work. Summer also gives me more personal time to devote more time to my hobbies and travel. With the temperatures rising, it helps to get into the mood of summer and make me realize how close it is.  

Philip Pedano 

What I am looking forward to the most in the next couple months is just having a good time in my last couple months at Prep. I am excited to do the senior stuff at the end of the year and being with my fellow senior classmates once again. I just want to enjoy all the opportunities we have to make the most of the end of our senior year. Another thing is the weather is getting nice and we will all be able to get outside. 

Will Peterson 

I’m the next few months I am looking forward to summer. I am excited for summer because during the summer time there is no school, and as much as I like school, I’d rather have fun.

Jonathan Zambroski 

I’m really looking forward to mostly everyone being back in school. I get to see some of my friends who have been full online learning so that will be great to get them back in school. It will also feel like we’re getting back to normal here because with everyone being here in school and the only thing different is wearing masks and social distancing, but that is not a problem at all for me. I get to finish out the year with my friends and have a good time while also preparing for college.  

What are you looking forward to? Share your response in the comments.

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