Box Village 2021


Cole Corapi

Since COVID hit us all so hard last year, Cathedral Prep wasn’t able to do Box Village at all. That didn’t affect the attendance this year though with a total of 102 students attending.

“Attendance wasn’t a problem this year really, but the regulations were,” Fr. Jason Feigh said.

The amount of money raised is still to be determined, but when talking to Fr. Jason Feigh it sounded like this year’s amount will be very promising. 

Altogether it seemed to go off without a hitch. The staff and even the students loved the experience.

“Everything cooperated, including the weather, which was amazing,” Fr. Jason said.

“Besides having to sleep in a box, it was fun,” senior Armani Moore said. “I didn’t mind the box too much though because the weather wasn’t horrible, and I understand the true meaning for why we do it, so I can’t complain.” 

This event always sees lots of support from not only the school but our community as a whole.

“We always see support from both the school and the greater Erie Community,” Fr. Jason said.

“It was honestly amazing to see all the cars pull up and even students that have graduated or that still attend, show up and show their support.”

This event may seem simple, but it has a greater meaning. Each year it has a lesson to teach and it seems like that lesson sticks with the participants after the fact.

“This event was not only fun but inspiring,” Armani said. “It’s showed not only me or the other students, but it showed all of Erie how powerful of an impact we can have when we come together for a greater cause. It also gave us the ability to see what the homeless go through in the winter which was really impactful for all of us.”

“I hope that the participants learned that it is okay to sacrifice a little for the sake of others,” Fr. Jason said. “When we live for others and give up our comfort from time to time, it helps us gain a new appreciation and perspective on life.”

With another successful year of Box Village in the books and an everlasting positive impact left on the participants, all of us as a community can be happy about the roles we played.