Students reflect on favorite Christmas gifts


Maddie Hess

Christmas is a fantastic tradition of gift-giving all over the world. At Villa, gift-giving and gift-receiving came in a multitude of sentimentality and love this year. Two Villa Maria Academy students, Karlee Berchtold and Gracie Girts, decided to share their favorite Christmas gifts.

Karlee Berchtold, a senior at Villa, says her favorite Christmas gift was that from her father.

“It was very sentimental and I had no idea that he got me something,” Karlee said.

She said that she pretty much knew what all of her other gifts were going to be. Her father very much made his gift for her a surprise.

“When I opened it, there was writing on the inside, and it was so adorable,” she said. “My father makes it seem like he is a very tough guy, but on the inside he is so sentimental. It means the world to me to know that he thought about something so personal for me.”

On the other hand, another student received a gift that was more useful than sentimental. Gracie Girts, another senior at Villa, spoke on her favorite Christmas gift: an Apple watch.

“This was my favorite because I hate always going on my phone and then getting distracted by social media,” Gracie said. “Having this watch will help limit unnecessary time on my phone. It is a lightweight version of everything I need on my phone. The watch also will help track my workouts, which is important to me.”

This goes to show just how thankful and grateful students at Villa Maria Academy are!