Prep community mourns the loss of David Hallman III (’10)


The Rambler

On Saturday, Feb. 8, the Cathedral Prep community, and the whole Erie community, lost one of its greats far too early. David Hallman III, son of ECPS Director of the Board Dave Hallman II and brother of Villa Maria Academy junior student Abbey Hallman, was found dead on Saturday afternoon, after being missing for almost a day. The cause of death is believed to be exposure to the cold. Exactly what happened that night will forever be a mystery. Maybe he got lost, maybe he slipped, but no matter what happened, this man, who had so much potential, and so much love, was taken from us a century too soon.
This tragic event has crushed the hearts of hundreds, including my own. I’ve known David since I was a young child. As one of my brother’s best friends, he was like a brother to me. His funeral was held February 13 and attended by many throughout the Prep and Villa communities. The eulogy, given by Benjamin L. Jefferys, Cathedral Prep Class of 2012 graduate and close friend to David, was by far one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching combination of words I had ever heard.
I would like to as all you Rambler readers to keep the Hallman family—David’s mother Andrea, his father, David II, and his sisters, Molly and Abbey—in your thoughts. I’m sure they would appreciate it.
In hoping we can find some peace in the horrible event, I’d like to quote David, “Death is inevitable, but it is not the end.” Dave, I really hope you’re right.