Prom King and Queen crowned


Maddie Hess

The 2022 prom king and queen were crowned earlier this month.

This year’s prom king is the one and only Chris Montagna, also know as “McLovin.” From the very start everyone had a good feeling that Chris would end up winning. His support was much bigger than others on prom court and it is still growing. When asking people about how they felt about the new king they all had the same general reaction. 

“McLovin’s my hero, and now I’m proud to say he’s our king”, said senior Nick Lydic.

Senior John Himes added, “King Chris is the only person I could see with that crown on.” 

Chris is a very interesting man when you get to know him. He likes a lot of things like CYO basketball and concrete to name a few. This year was a standout year for Chris in the on the court and off the court doing concrete.

“Chris is too good,” said senior Patrick Sullivan. “You can’t really compare him to anyone; that’s how good he is.”

“He’s just built different,” said senior Jacob Cooper. “He’s a completely different breed. What can I say? It was such an honor to play (CYO) alongside Chris because now when he goes to the league, I can tell my kids I played with the Chris Montagna himself. He was a great teammate and was really able to put the whole team on his back when times were rough. Chris was like LeBron in the finals down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors. To put it simply, he’s always on demon time on and off the court.”

This years’ prom king is a very well known and interesting person, which is why everyone knew it was only right for him to be king. Chris added in with his own emotions on being named the king,and it’s quite a unique analysis. 

When asked about his coronation, Chris said, “I feel like I’m not even close to peaking, but I’m still better than everyone else in the school right now. I am extremely grateful to my biggest fans, such as Coach Steve Piotrowicz, Mr. Herbstritt, and Amarion Tarver, our homecoming king. I knew it was a lock from the beginning. I’m like Michael Jordan in the Finals: it never goes to Game 7. Even though the competition might have been difficult, I knew it wasn’t going to be close. Standing up there on stage while I got crowned didn’t mean much because it’s only one step in my master plan.”

The prom queen has also been crowned and Aman’ye Hicks is so happy to have gained all that support from her fellow seniors. She ran for a specific reason too. 

“I ran for my mom; I won queen of a pageant when I was about 11 or 12, and I wanted to do it again for my mom,” she said. 

Aman’ye also said dressing up the way she did was way out of her comfort zone. 

“Getting dressed up in a feminine way isn’t really my thing, so I thought if I was going to do all of that I have to at least try,” she said. “I wanted to win because I think I’m a good representation of what Villa is all about. I’m excited to say that I am the last Prom Queen of Villa Maria Academy. It made me feel extremely accomplished when I won, and my mom was super happy, which was a big part for me.”

Both campuses are so excited and supportive of the prom king and queen!