Teacher of the Week: Mr. Achille


The Rambler

Mr. AchilleThe results are in, and I’d like to say it was a close race, but that would be a lie. This week’s landslide victory goes to none other than Mr. Bob Achille. Perhaps one of the most memorable teachers from Cathedral Prep, Mr. Achille teaches freshman algebra. I never had the pleasure of having Mr Achille, but from what I can see he is one of the best staff members here in the school.
Mr Achille has have been teaching at Prep for 35 years now. He is a Cathedral Prep graduate (Class of 1975), and he also attended Gannon University (1979). His favorite part about teaching at Prep is the role he plays in teaching Freshmen. “I have been teaching freshmen for quite some time, and it is very important to me to guide the 9th
graders in their first year of high school,” Achille said. “It is a very big step for anyone going to high school, especially at Prep. They do not know anything about being in high school, and it is my job to mold them into young men of spirit, mind, and body as the saying goes.” Mr Achille is also the Freshman Class Advisor.
His advice to these students? “I think the best advice I could give Prep students is to do the very best you can at all times and seek help from the many people at Prep when you don’t understand something,” he said “Also, remember that ‘neatness’
and ‘organization’ are most important if you want to be successful in life.”
Outside of teaching, some of Mr. Achille’s hobbies are golfing as well as traveling during the great vacations he gets at Prep, especially duringJune, July, and August. “I also like to go to casinos and try my luck,” he says, “This can be a little expensive at times, unless you are Mr. Mezler, who is lucky all the time.”
After teaching for 35 years, it is no surprise that Mr Achille is one of the most well known and well liked teachers in the building. He is very energetic and is also extremely adamant about his teachings. He really knows how to prepare students for the future. Just make sure you don’t forget your algebra.
It is clear he loves Prep and all the students in it, as he actively participates in the rallies as well as other events in the school. Mr. Achille is a staple of Cathedral Prep, and we are honored to have him. Maybe there is a Golden Apple award for him in the future? Only time will tell. Congratulations on being named TheRamblerNews.com’s first Teacher of the Week!
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