Cathedral Prep’s basketball teams band together for ‘Midnight Madness’


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

This year Cathedral Prep’s basketball teams started a new tradition. Similar to what college programs do before the start of a season an introductory “Midnight Madness” was held at the Hagerty Family Events Center. The team showcased some of their talents on the court while also being welcoming to those in grade school who competed in some of the events.

“With all the new changes it is important to create new traditions,” said Sam Spence, senior guard for the men’s basketball team. “It is always fun to have kids that may be coming to Prep be able to partake in the traditions that they may also someday participate him. It also is nice to be able to showcase our team and their talents before the season starts.”

As mentioned before, a big part of the night was the kids from local middle and elementary schools being welcomed to participate. There were competitions with players from both the women’s and men’s teams and games among middle school students.

“It was fun getting to know and interacting with some of the kids in the area,” said Tori Mayes, senior guard for the women’s basketball team. “It was exciting to see how excited they got for the competitions against us.”

Not only was the event fun for those who attended, it also benefited the basketball team. Fun things were up for auction, such as having the chance to be the ball boy or girl for the Burger King Classic and McDowell games.

“First, the event was a really fun time for all who attended, and the players especially enjoyed it,” said Max Wallace, sophomore forward for the men’s team. “Not only was it enjoyable, it also really went a long way to help fund our team for things like out of town games and just day-to-day activities of the team.”

All in all, this edition of Midnight Madness is just the beginning of a longstanding event. Kids who attended this first edition may someday also be able to do a Midnight Madness of their own for future classes who may attend Prep. With all the new things happening at the0 school this year, Midnight Madness is one of the many new things that can be added to the list. Overall, it can be best summed up by a quote.

“Midnight madness was a great event that brought together our entire Prep basketball community and was a fun time for everyone who attended,” said Jake Sambuchino, senior guard for the men’s team. “The kids who had the opportunity to participate in a competition will forever remember that experience.”