Teacher Profile: Dr. Tiggy McLaughlin


Dominick Scarpino, Staff Writer

No one can really know what a school year will bring. After a mid-year departure by a faculty member, Dr. Tiggy McLaughlin decided to apply to be a theology teacher and was accepted into the Cathedral Prep family with open arms.

Dr. McLaughlin attended Georgetown University where she majored in history and classical literature and minored in theology. She then went on to attend the University of Michigan where she earned her Ph.D. in history and specialized in late Roman and early medieval Christianity. She is the wife of Prep faculty member Dr. Jonathan McLaughlin and also the proud mother of three young boys.

“I was pretty nervous about coming to a new school, just as anyone would be,” Dr. McLaughlin said. “The hardest part I thought I would have to do is learn everybody’s name because that used to take me a couple of weeks when I taught me college courses. It only took me about a week to learn most of my students’ names, so that was a relief.”

Dr. McLaughlin now teaches Theology for some of the junior class and Sociology as an elective.

“I really am grateful that I am able to teach Theology in a high school setting,” Dr. McLaughlin said, “I taught Theology at Gannon, and I enjoy helping young Christians understand their faith because it can be very obscure and not that easy to understand at times.”

Dr. McLaughlin was also drawn to Prep because of the ability to talk about her faith in a free and understanding environment.

Even though she had only been here for about two weeks now, she has already made an impact on her students.

“Dr. McLaughlin really cares about our understanding of all the material we are covering in class,” junior Emma Izbicki said. “I can tell that she really knows what she is talking about, and it’s interesting to me to listen to what she has to teach us every day.”