If you could make any day become a federal holiday, what day would you choose?


The Rambler

Coming into work or school the day after the Super Bowl always feels wrong. Should Super Bowl Monday be a federal holiday? This question inspired the staff of The Rambler to write about what day of the year they would make into a holiday. Read their selections and explanations below.

Henry Abercrombie

I believe that the end of World War 2 should become a federal holiday, in remembrance of those who lost their lives combatting the spread of Nazism. It would be celebrated on V-E Day, May 8. It ought to become a federal holiday, especially since the numbers of veterans who served in WW2 are dwindling. Eventually, there will be no one left to bear witness to the horrors of the war firsthand. Thus, we ought to immortalize the memories of these people and these events with a solemn holiday. I think that this is definitely a day that is worthy to become a federal holiday, especially considering the spread of Neo-Nazi ideology. It would be good to send a message that the U.S. continues to stand for democracy, and fights against eugenicists and supremacists. This holiday would be an effective way to send that message, while simultaneously providing a day of rest and remembrance of history. 

Gabe Allegretto

I would want to create a national exercise day. Exercising is something that has become very important to me, and I think it would be great if everyone took the opportunity to work out once in a while. Some people can’t work out because of time constraints, but having a holiday dedicated to it would be extremely helpful. In short, the holiday would promote good physical health within the country on top of being a fun one. 

Olivia Buckel

I would definitely make national read a book day (Sept. 6) a federal holiday. I think it would be amazing to have this day off because then I could just relax at home and celebrate the holiday it was meant to be celebrated: me, reading a book, in my bed. It would be perfect.  

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

If I could make any day in the year be a national holiday, I would have to choose the Monday after the Super Bowl. The Monday after the Super Bowl is an important day in which I believe should be used to recover from the night before. With a usually a great game the night before, many people throw a party to commemorate it and cook a meal for their friends and family. That Monday would be great for people to do their cleaning and get the sleep they need from the night from before. Super Monday would be a great day to celebrate, and it would be great to have a resting and relaxing day.

Hayden Hutchinson
If I could make one day a federal holiday I would choose the day after the super bowl. After the last few years of having it off it is one of the most ideal days to have off. It would be a nice relaxing three day weekend for American to get out and have some fun. It is also watched by more than half the country so it is a big enough sporting event to work. Overall, I think the day after the super bowl would be a great day to make a federal holiday since it would be very convenient for many people. 
Matt Kalie
Kendra Piotrowski
My three favorite movies, are Hannah Montana, The Last Song, and A Dog’s Journey. I have always loved Hannah Montana growing up and it is just one of my comfort movies. The Last Song and A Dog’s Journey are two sad movies I watch when I need a good cry; they are also my comfort movies. 
John Santone
If I could make any day a holiday, I would make a holiday dedicated to celebrating with your friends. A day you that you can take off school and go hang out with your pals. I would make this day preferably later in the school year, so it’s warmer. This way could have a nice day off to go hang out with your buddies before the school year ends. Maybe schools could plan a trip to the beach or somewhere fun for everyone to go. 
Dominick Scarpino
The day that I would make a federal holiday is the day after Thanksgiving. Nobody feels like working after eating a lot of food the day before. I especially hate waking up and just having to go to work after having a random Thursday off. Plus, it’s a four-day weekend then for everybody, which is always a good thing. It probably won’t be a holiday at any point though because of Black Friday but still it would be fun to have an extended weekend guaranteed.