Podufal to compete in state championship in golf


The Rambler

As the fall sports season winds down, senior Ryan Podufal competes for the 2014 Individual PIAA State Championship Medal in golf. Ryan has been a member of the varsity golf team all four of his years at Prep. As a junior, the team made it to the state playoffs, but Ryan did not compete because of health problems. Then, last year the team placed 6th in the tournament.
This year, the team was defeated by Meadville 327-310. A few Ramblers competed in the individual round, and Ryan was the only one to earn a spot at Western Regionals.
Last Tuesday, Podufalwas one of 22 competing for 12 spots to advance to the State Tournament. With a smooth 77, he was able to earn a position to play at his second state championship, but first time as an individual. Ryan spoke about the excitement that he is feeling towards these next few days, saying, “I’m happy to go to states again, though I wish my teammates were coming along again like last year.”
Although the spirits are high, Heritage Hills is no putt-putt course. With unfamiliar holes and outlandish tee shots and greens, Heritage provides a tough atmosphere for those competing. “I know a lot of the kids that will be in York because they were in the same tournaments I played in,” Podufal said. “Heritage Hills isn’t overly long, but it can be tricky, so you have to hit the ball to the right places. I just hope that the weather is good, and maybe I can shoot low numbers.”
The Rambler wishes him luck in these next few days and hopes that he will bring home some state hardware!