Magic the Gathering Modern Masters 2015

May 11, 2015

image1 (15)The modern format of Magic the Gathering has always been one of the more expensive eternal formats with decks ranging anywhere from $50 to $400. Wizards of the Coast earlier this year changed their policy regarding Friday Night Magic, allowing stores to host tournaments for any format so long as it is supported by the players. And now the second set in the modern masters line is coming out. This set was created to reduce the costs of getting into the modern format by reprinting cards with mid to high play decrease their value. However, the first modern masters set had a very limited print run and many cards had redesigned artwork. Initially, this decreased the value of many cards. But over a short period of time those alternate art mythic rare cards skyrocketed in price, making their initial prints cost look dismal in comparison.

They hope to rectify it this time with an increased printing and other modern staples being reprinted, including but not limited to: Daybreak Coronet, Karn, Liberated, the three Eldrazi Titans, Mox Opal, Bitter Blossom, Elesh Norn, Tarmogoyf, and many more. These inclusions are even more substantial when you see the cost of the originals, Mox Opal is pressing $100 and is a staple in the ever popular Affinity deck. Daybreak Coronet is a staple in the modern Bogles enchantment deck, and is $25 a piece. With these inclusions we hope that modern becomes a much more affordable format in magic. If you want to keep up with the spoilers follow this link.

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