Movie Review: The Visit

October 7, 2015

The_Visit_(2015_film)_posterThe Visit is a PG-13 movie that was released Sept.11, 2015. Written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Visit is the story set in rural Pennsylvania of a brother and sister (Tyler and Becca) who are sent out to their grandparents’ remote farm to see them for the very first time. They have a single mother that hasn’t seen her Mom and Dad since she moved out of the house with a guy that later in life divorced her after having two kids with her.

Viewers can see her happiness turn to tears when she sees her kids leave on the train. It is very heartbreaking to see the two things you love most in the world, and basically all you have and want in life, going away from you for a period of time.

While the kids are taking a break, the mom is basically on a vacation. In the movie it shows her at a pool and competing in some contests like she was on a cruise. But they didn’t make it clear. To make a long story short, the kids arrive to see their “grandparents” and are treated as the grandchildren.

Strange and weird things have been happening while they are staying there, especially when they hear clawing outside of their door while their “Nana” is naked scratching at a door across the way from them. When they are playing hide-and-seek  under the house in a place that their mother used to play, all of a sudden their “Nana” joins in on the fun.

Later, Becca and Tyler find out when the are Skyping their mom that these are not their grandparents. The “grandparents” are on a walk around the house and the kids turn the camera on the grandparents outside. Kathryn Hahn (mom of Becca & Tyler) says, “Who are those people? Where is Nana and Pop Pop?”

This was the turning point in the whole movie. This made questions arise in the viewers’ minds. Questions like: those are not their grandparents? What’s going on? Why are they lying? Where are the actual grandparents? Why do they act strange and weird once 9:30 hits?

All of these questions start to add up in the end. The Visit is a very different than most horror movies but jump scares and intense situations make it a realistic view, especially because we are in Pennsylvania.

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