Reed’s Movie Reel: The Big Lebowski


The Rambler

biglebowskiThe Big Lebowski is a great movie if you want to watch a laid-back, relaxing comedy. The movie is about Lebowski, otherwise known as The Dude, who is basically your average bum with no job or income. He plays in a bowling league every week with his friends. He is a very laid back and chill guy, most likely because he is on some type of drug, but that is never formally stated in the movie.
Everything is going good for The Dude, in his mind anyway, because realistically he still has to pay a ton of bills and has no income. One day, however, two men come to The Dude’s house, beat him up and give him a swirly because supposedly Lebowski owes thousands of dollars to some unknown person. The Dude explains to the two men that he has no money. He claims he doesn’t owe anyone money so they must have the wrong Lebowski. The guys leave and tell him that they will be back in a week, and one of them urinates on the Dude’s rug, which ticks him off.
The Dude takes the rug to the real Big Lebowski, who is a billionaire whose daughter is a drug user and freeloader. The Dude just wants a new rug from the Big Lebowski, and the Big Lebowski wants The Dude to give money to the two men that came to The Dude’s house earlier. The guys that came to The Dude’s house kidnapped the Big Lebowski’s freeloading daughter, so The Dude needs to give them the money for the Big Lebowski’s daughter so that he can get a new rug. The Dude goes on a wild and crazy journey that he won’t forget. Watch the movie to see what happens in the end.