Opinion: Prep Pride greater than criticism


The Rambler

Can you feel the hate? Read the letter to the editor in the local newspaper, look at our city, talk to students from other schools — it’s unavoidable. Every place that you go in Erie you are likely to encounter some people who will take any chance that they get to bash and scrutinize the name of our great school, Cathedral Prep. But why?
Why is it that Prep evokes so much hatred and animosity from some people within the community for which we do so much? Are the thousands of service hours each year, incredible alumni, and strong faith of our school not enough? Are these good deeds really conducive to being one of the most hated schools in the area, if not the state? The answer to those questions is up in the air.
However, one fact holds true in every situation. When people think of Prep, they think of champions. Prep’s history features decades of consistent greatness on the field, in the classroom, and in the community that will continue for many years to come. The brotherhood is second to none and the school spirit is top notch. We love our school more than any other school could ever hate us. That’s what really matters.
Prep students and alumni know that when you walk through the doors of Cathedral Prep you are filled with pride and tradition. No student from any other high school will ever feel or be able to understand what Prep pride means. They hate us because we’re great, and they hate us because we know it.
Fellow Prep students, every time you wear your orange and black, no matter the occasion, wear it proudly. Walk with your head high and your confidence higher and remember what a remarkable thing you are a part of. Nobody can ever take that away from you. Let the others talk. Let them write their letters to the editor. Let them badmouth us. Don’t take their bait. Don’t respond to hate with hate.
Instead, when we come out on top, simply smile at them, say nothing in return, and in the same breath continue to do more for the community—the same community that we all share—than any other school will ever think of doing. Men of Prep, we are the future. We will continue to set an example for everybody around us. Keep winning, keep achieving, and never let it go unknown that you attend the greatest school on earth, Cathedral Prep. Roll Ramblers!