First rally a definite success


The rally crew pumped up the student body with their spirited energy.

The Rambler

The first rally of the year took place last Friday, Sept. 6, and it was one to remember. For the seniors, it was the beginning of their last year of rallies, and for the freshmen, it was the start of an experience like no other. Let’s just say it was the best rally Prep has seen in a while.

The student body joins in on the cheers.
The student body joins in on the cheers.

This first rally was entertaining from the opening introductions when master of ceremonies Joe Marin gave the traditional shout-outs, a hilarious list of names and references, to the reveal of Mr. Swanson as the Rambler to the highly entertaining Prep original videos.
The seniors versus freshmen trivia game clearly showed who the best class in the school is. It was an easy win for the seniors. The freshmen didn’t even know what “linear” meant, which led to a lecture straight out of freshman algebra from Mr. Achille.
The video of the rally crew in downtown Erie asking people who they thought would win the upcoming football game was classic. Even though there were a few individuals who chose Strong Vincent, the Ramblers won the overall tally of votes from the interviewees.
With this rally being such a success, it is building up major hype for the rally against McDowell, and student hopes are high that this year’s Prep Rally Crew will deliver.