Letter to the Editor: Voss preferred over Fiji Water


The Rambler

I recently read Daniel Anthony’s article titled “A Review of Fiji Water.” To my dismay, the review was favorable of the sub-par liquid. I am usually respectful of others’ opinions, however radical they may be. Dan’s article, though, seems to have hit a nerve. To say that Fiji Water is “the most luxurious of all waters” crosses a line—a very prominent line. Certainly the consensus of reasonable individuals is that Fiji Water is inferior to many other brands. I even would go as far as to choose Lake Erie tap water over the Fiji brand. Allow me to introduce a true, Cathedral Prep water as an alternative, Voss Water. A delicious, well-respected water such as Voss puts Fiji to shame.
Mr. Anthony discusses the exoticness of Fiji brand water. The water is scooped from a lake, in the middle of an island, in the middle of the ocean. It then travels thousands of miles via airplane to end up on the shelves of convenience stores across the country. This is all very true. A fact that is missing from this description is that this exotic, volcanic island is also home to 70% of Fiji’s population. Also, the water comes from the same valley that is home to the largest cattle farm in Fiji with 7,000 head of cattle. Does it still sound as exotic?
My water of choice comes from Voss of Norway ASA, known for their Voss Water. This artesian sparkling water bottled in Southern Norway is everything it says it is, and then some. Not only does this water have the best flavor and texture, the company supports humanitarian efforts through the Voss Foundation, providing clean water to less fortunate communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.
For similar quantities and prices, it would be criminal not to choose Voss when shopping at your local high-class shopping mart.