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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Prep senior takes first shots at Joann Mullen Gymnasium


Cathedral Prep senior Mitch Clark made the first shot at the Joann Mullen Gymnasium on Wednesday, Oct. 21, officially marking the opening of the gymnasium at the PVEC after months of construction. Mitch was granted this amazing opportunity after his family won the chance to do so at last year’s Legacy Gala. The much anticipated gymnasium opening kicked off with a bang as several students and faculty gathered for this prestigious shot.
After six missed half court shots and one three pointer Mitch finally opted to go with a layup, which he made. The crowd went crazy, storming the court and mosh-pitting around Mitch. The Rambler was able to get exclusive interviews with the legend himself, Mitch Clark, before and after his historic shot.

Moments before his shot he said that the experience is “nerve racking [because] you want to give the fans what they want, but you don’t want to curse the court.”
After the shot, he commented with quite the analogy about the amount of pressure he was feeling.”It felt like I had the entire student body on my shoulders,” Mitch said. I then inquired why he continued to attempt the half court shots despite not being close 5 of the 6 times. To this Mitch responded with classic sports cliches, saying, “shooters shoot” and “you play to win the game.”
Mitch finally decided to take a three pointer and then the monumental layup since he “could sense the fans growing impatient so I had to appease their want.” As he felt the students storming the court getting close he stated he was thrilled but knew injury was a high possibility as he was then tackled down in a mosh pit.

This was surely a memorable moment for both Mitch and the school. Peering into the future, the school looks forward to utilizing this start of the art facility for bigger events. Meanwhile Mitch feels this opportunity will slingshot him into a successful CYO season for the Blessed Sacrament Bulldogs, as he will be accustomed to high pressure situations.

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