Student Profile: Conrad Weiser, Prep’s tech expert


The Rambler

ConradWeiserConrad Weiser, webmaster for for the past three years, is one-of-a-kind. His intellect about computers, programming, and technology in general is outstanding to a rare extent. Even in our up-to-date modern generation of tech expertise, Conrad easily outclasses everyone, which is what makes him a special person.
Conrad has many hobbies and interests. Luckily for Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy’s theater program, theater is one of them. During his sophomore year, he willingly accepted to be part of the theater crew to help make plays into the masterpieces that people have witnessed. Behind the scenes he is the technical director and lights coordinator on the crew, a job that he is best suited for.
“Daily tasks may vary,” Conrad stated. “The lighting portion of the play is a one-day job, but the technology part is usually a lot more in-depth and requires thorough thought.” Even though it is nowhere near his desired profession after college, he still enjoys doing it. “I have known what I have wanted to do with my life since 5th grade, and stage crew is not related.” Still, Prep and Villa are lucky for him agreeing to put his work into the program.
He started out as a sound coordinator, but as there was a designated person for that already, he was offered to be the lights person, which eventually also led to his role as the technical director due to his unmatched expertise. “I basically grabbed the manual for the equipment I needed and learned the whole thing in about two days,” he said. As expected of a fast-learning genius, it was no challenge at all.
Having done this since sophomore year, he has worked on about 10 plays for the school. His talent did not limit him to only school-related work, however. He has also helped with professional plays and orchestra performances that have been held at the school’s H. David Bowes Auditorium. “It was a great experience,” Conrad said. “Working with professionals has helped me get some ideas and implement them into our school plays to make them better.”
Now a senior at Prep, Conrad reveals that it was a great way to gain experience in the theater field, but
not something that he would be willing to do for a career. The only worry that will echo through Cathedral Prep is if there will ever be anyone who is as brilliant as the young tech connoisseur to fill his shoes after graduation.