Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 3


The Rambler

image1 (5)Call of Duty Black Ops 3—referred to from here on out as Bops 3—is the third Call of Duty installation for next generation gamers and hands down the best of the next gen CODs. With flops like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare still fresh in the minds of myself and of many lovers of the brand, it is so refreshing to have an actual “playable” Call of Duty, but what makes Bops 3 already the best COD to come after the great MW2 and the original Black Ops?
Now that two full weekends have come to pass since the game was released on Nov. 6, I’ve had some quality time to put into the game. One of the reasons that Bops 3 is so good early on is the movement. In Advanced Warfare the movement of the EXO suit was very over powered. This allowed players abuse the movement and practically untouchable throughout a game. In Bops 3 your thrusters, which allow you to do advanced movement have limited energy. No longer can you abuse the movement, instead you have to conserve your energy and use it intelligently.
Another improvement to Bops 3 are the guns and killstreaks. In Ghosts and Advanced warfare the guns were weak. Also there were limited ways to customize your guns. With a new set up you can build your weapon to have a scope and up to 4 attachments. There’s also plenty of assault based killstreaks to choose from as well as some more defensive ones.
So far I’ve really enjoyed my time playing and it’s safe to say that this COD will be an enjoyable experience for months. If you’re on the fence about getting Bops 3 for Christmas or sooner, I would say pull the trigger on your purchase. You won’t be sorry.