Dallas Cowboys season doomed by injuries


The Rambler

The Dallas Cowboys are off to one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Not every season has been memorable during the 27-year tenure of Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones. This is the longest losing streak since 1989. When team owner Jerry Jones first came to Dallas they only won one game and Troy Aikman was the starting quarterback.  Jones said, “with the roster we had I didn’t expect to lose six straight games. I expected to go all the way and win a Super Bowl.” He added, “I didn’t expect to lose six games with our roster,” owner Jerry Jones said. “I didn’t expect to lose Romo after the second game.”
So this seven game losing streak just set a record for the Dallas Cowboys since 1989 when they lost their last seven games and went 1-15 that year. The team has only had five losing seasons since then. Since Tony Romo went out the team has started two different quarterbacks, Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel. They just couldn’t find the right quarterback to step up. Both quarterbacks that came in started out well and ended really poorly. The team also had some injuries in the backfield with running back Lance Dunbar who had a season ending injury, which was a torn ACL.
Tony Romo came back looking really good and got the Cowboys the win versus the Miami Dolphins a few weels ago. The media and talked about the possibility of the Cowboys winning out, but it didn’t play out that way. On Thanksgiving Day the Dallas Cowboys played the Carolina Panthers and Tony Romo didn’t look too good. One minute into the game he threw a interception that was returned for a touchdown. He had two more interceptions and another one returned for a touchdown. He also got hurt again and is now out for the season.