New Dodgeball Club starts up at Prep


The Rambler

IMG_5104The time has come for a new exciting club that gets all students involved at Cathedral Prep. Last week the much anticipated Dodgeball Club, started up by seniors Tim Evans, Mitchell Clark, and Patrick Steele, was kicked off with a bang with numerous students attending the first “meeting” to play some good ol’ dodgeball. This is quite special to see come about at Prep, as an increasing trend across the nation has public schools banning dodgeball and other “human target” games to be played.
When questioned with how the trio got the idea to start such an innovative club Mitch Clark replied, “Well, I thought about how I’d like to get involved in some old school, fun, throwback sports again just like the glory days back then, and Prep was lacking such opportunities, so I decided to pull the trigger on Dodgeball Club.” After numerous meetings with Mr. Murnock and finding a faculty advisor for the club, Mr. Biebel, the club was ready for take off. After the first meeting, consisting mostly of seniors, many participants were ecstatic for the opportunity to play the classic sport of dodgeball.
IMG_510Senior Zach Brown commented, “I view Dodgeball Club as a prestigious form of aerobic exercise. It’s a chance for me to unwind after a hefty work week and just drill somebody with a rubber ball. But when I play I’m sure to remember the logic instilled upon me by the late-great Patches O’Houlihan (from the 2004 movie Dodgeball): “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” While Senior Alex Gorny commented with a little criticism stating, “Dodgeball was fun, [but] the only downside is no head shots. That rule should be taken back to the drawing board.”
The ever growing club looks to continue its hype throughout the year. The three seniors hope to host organized tournaments as well as continue the weekly meetings as the year progresses.