Students honored at third quarter sessions ceremony


The Rambler

On April 15, the third and final quarter sessions of the 2015-2016 school year took place. Quarter sessions is the time when the students who excelled in academics are recognized for their achievements. To get first honors students have to have an A (93-100) in all of their classes.
Freshmen were awarded a total of 18 first honor cards and 39 second honor cards for a total of 57 and a class percentage of 42.22 percent (their second quarter percentage was 44.78). Also, Noah Ali, James Colvin, Jared Heidt, Jack Hilbrich, Patrick Kelly, Alexander Kolodychak, Connor McEnery, Ryan Sweny, and Matthew Whaley were awarded a school pennant for having the highest QPA in the freshmen class. That is the first time in school history there has been a nine-way tie for highest QPA.
The sophomores were awarded a total of 15 first honor cards and 62 second honor cards for a total of 77 and a class percentage of 55.40 (their second quarter percentage was 61.87). The sophomore class achieved the highest percentage of students with honor cards this past quarter. Also, their top students with the highest QPA were John Hagerty and Christopher Parks. They have held this position for all three quarter sessions.
The juniors were awarded a total of 14 first honor cards and 52 second honor cards, for a total of 66 and a class percentage of 54.55 (their second quarter percentage was 52.89). Douglas Spizarny took the reign of highest QPA for the third quarter.
Now on to the struggling senior class. They were awarded a total of 4 first honor cards and 55 second honor cards for a total of 59 honor cards and a class percentage of 37.34 (their second quarter percentage was 38.61). The seniors achieved the lowest percentage of student honor cards. It has become apparent that senioritis has officially hit the seniors. However, Joseph Redinger still has not give up; he achieved the highest QPA in the senior class for the third time this year.
The guest speakers were Mr. John Hilbert (’82) and Dr. Mike Scutella (’78). Both speakers talked about how Prep has affected their lives and their families’ lives. Mr. Hilbert has two sons, who both graduated from Prep, and a daughter who is currently at Villa. Dr. Scutella has two sons, one graduated and one is currently at Prep, and a daughter who is also currently at Villa. Both emphasized the quality of hard-work telling the students at Prep not to fear working hard.
Congratulations to everyone for their success and accomplishments. Also, I would like to give a special shoutout to the teachers that hit hallmark years at Prep. Mr. Richard Grychowski was honored for 30 years of service. Mr. Chris Grychowski was honored for 15 years of service. Mr. Tim Dougherty was honored for 10 years of service. Finally, Mr. Angus Biebel, Mrs. Teresa Fratus, Mrs. Patty Kloecker, Mrs. Laura Lopez, Ms. Susan McElhinny, and Mr. Paul Simon were honored for 5 years of service.
Also, thank you to Dr. Mike Scutella and Mr. Hilbert for their words of inspiration and heartfelt speeches. Also, a final shoutout to Daniel Scutella for his achievements throughout his junior year.