TV review: Slasher


Jaryn Simpson

Slasher is a new TV series that involves one killer in one area surrounding many other main characters. The viewers do not know who the killer is until the end. The whole story builds up and many murders are found. A young lady by the name of Sarah Bennet moves back into the old house her parents used to own and were murdered in by “The Executioner.” However, this is not a good idea because the killings start happening again. She cannot do anything about them but to prepare herself. She does not know who to trust anymore and loses her mind. These killings go by the 7 deadly sins:

  • Pride = Broken on the wheel
  • Envy = Encased in freezing water
  • Avarice (Greed) = Boiled in oil
  • Wrath (Anger) = Torn apart, limb from limb
  • Lust = Roasted by fire and brimstone
  • Gluttony = Forced to eat rats, snakes, spiders, and toads
  • Sloth (Apathy) = Thrown into snake pits

The killer completed all of his kills, but Sarah caught on to who it was. He was very suspicious throughout the whole story and framed Sarah’s husband of doing it. He was also a police officer and killed his mom when he was young by pushing her down the steps. He was born into the evil ways and did not quit. Overall, this is a intense TV series.
As of May 25, the entire first season of Slasher was made available to stream on Netflix.