TV Review: Stranger Things


Jaryn Simpson

Stranger Things is a new TV show that has just been brought to Netflix. There are categories on Netflix which I have found Stranger Things to be in the trending section. Many people are aware of this new hit TV show even though there are only 8 episodes in the one and only season.
I personally really liked this show because it was different. It has been a while since a show this interesting has come out. Everything about this show is well thought out. This show really makes you think your own way through everything. It is like you are the detective when in reality you are just watching the detectives do the work. This show is very detailed, and if you do not pay attention you might be lost. I highly recommend watching this show if you like mysteries and drama.
Stranger Things starts out with four young boys playing a game which took up to 10 hours of play. It is time to go home and three of the boys head out. While two of the boys are making it to their houses, the last one (Will) is in trouble. Will stumbles to his house, loses his bike, and runs into his shed. He picks up a rifle and loads it up ready for whoever was following him or chasing him. The light starts flickering and Will hears a creature behind him. He turns around and boom…Will disappears into thin air. Just like that, Will is identified as missing. This one scene sets the mood for the rest of the season.
Don’t hesitate and go watch this show right now. Stay tuned as the Stranger Things Twitter account has just revealed that there will be a season two in 2017.