Opinion: The only person that can better yourself is you


Brian Stark

In You Are Not Special, author and teacher David McCullough writes, “…The great and curious truth of the human experience is that selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself.”
Selflessness is great to an extent. However, I disagree with the quote. The best thing you can do for a community is being completely selfless; however, this is not true for yourself. It’s important to realize the only person that can better yourself is you. When it comes down to it, it’s your mind power that drives your own success and what lies ahead in life. If I set a goal—for example, I want to buy a house by the time I’m 30 years old—the only person that’s going to make this happen is me. If I set this goal, I’ll be the one grinding every day to make it happen. First, realize. Secondly, act. And thirdly, enjoy.
Realizing your own self, finding strengths and weaknesses, is the first step to finding your vocation. In order to find your passion and be happy this must be done first. Realization puts in each individual perspective new goals and aspirations. Most importantly it makes your dreams 100 percent in your hands.
Acting on your dreams is next. How are you going to make an impact on the world if you never take a chance? Everyone knows the quote, “actions speak louder than words,” and I completely agree. Acting is the physical force that makes goals happen.
Finally, I recommend enjoying life. It’s important to just be happy, go find new experiences and share the world with others. It’s time for humans to start being a lot more real and to think in the present moment. It’s time to think carefully. It’s time to accomplish anything through drive and determination.
In conclusion, being selfless is great for serving others in the community. People who are selfless benefit the world in so many different ways, and there is no way to ever repay their efforts. However, the best thing you can do for yourself is take control of you own life and make your goals happen through hard work.