Junior class retreat hosted by HANM 


Ryan Rzepecki

The Junior Class Retreat took place on Thursday, Sept. 21 at Camp Notre Dame. The retreat was hosted by the Hard As Nails missionary group. HANM has been to Cathedral Prep before, coming last year for an assembly. The leader of the group is Justin Fatica who is a Prep graduate. Hard As Nails goes on trips all over the country to spread their stories and help kids who are dealing with problems in their lives. 
The day started with students being able to use the knockerballs and socialize with each other. Then they were called inside and the missionaries gave an introduction of themselves. Justin Fatica came out with a lot of energy and emotion and used his saying “ALL HEART” to which the students replied “ALL IN.” Each of the missionaries took a turn going up and talking about how they became missionaries and what struggles they faced in the past. Students were then given the opportunity to come up and share with their class something they went through. Their classmates could come up and give them a hug if they could relate to something they went through or if they wanted to give them encouragement. If a student didn’t want to talk in front of the class they spoke with the missionaries in private. 
Every student received three pieces of pizza for lunch and some cookies. After lunch it was free time and many of the students spent it playing basketball with the missionaries. The class was called back inside, and they did an activity where they had to hit a ball and then crowd surf on whatever side they hit it to. Justin Fatica wrapped up the day by giving a speech.
Cathedral Prep student Albert Caldwell reflected on the day “It felt good, and made me feel closer to God and my classmates,” Albert said.
The junior retreat concluded with Mass that took place in the woods. Mass was hosted by Fr. Jason Feigh.