Student Profile: Ryan Rzepecki


Keegan Welka

Junior Ryan Rzepecki is one of the writers for The Rambler and a dedicated student at Cathedral Prep. Ryan also happens to work at Sara’s Restaurant in the summer time. One of the reasons why Ryan chose to work at Sara’s was his love for the restaurant and its food. His favorite food from Sara’s is the hot dog. Ryan also loves desserts from Sara’s, particularly the hot fudge sundae. Although he does love dessert, he only eats it in moderation, not after every meal.
Ryan describes his job as being moderately difficult. Although he does work with friends such as junior students Robert Wierbinski and Isaac Holder, the restaurant is often busy and the workload can be borderline overwhelming. But this doesn’t stop him from enjoying his job.
“It’s a good job. It’s close to my house and gives me some money. It keeps me out of the house during the summer,” Ryan said.
Ryan believes, however, that the restaurant should only be open in the summer. In his opinion, if Sara’s was open the whole year, the diner would lose its special vibe that comes with it being open only in the summer.
When asked where Sara’s gets their ingredients from, Ryan said that the food was bought locally. Ryan also said that during the work season, the workplace is perfectly staffed and the work is divided equally. Finally, his final opinion on Sara’s is that it is the best restaurant in Erie.
“It’s a family friendly environment,” Ryan said, “You want to go there; you want to feel like family. It should feel like home; it should be a good time. You’re there for the family. You’re cooking for people. You know your friends are there, showing people hospitality.”